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Rflect App

Building a safe and supportive community to self-reflect together through writing.

Project Type

Mobile App, UX Design, Illustration

Rflect is personal app design project that investigates the intersection of social media and creative writing to learn more about people's desire to share and connect creatively together.

Problem Statement

Social media users seek human connection, support from each other and conversations, because of their social nature, they feel less lonely in their daily thoughts when they know that other people are going through same feelings or share similar opinions.

  • How might we make online writing as attractive, creative and interactive?

  • How might we expand human connection through daily struggles?

  • How might we channel thoughts together as a community online?


Competitive Analysis


1.0 Open App

Feature 1 | Daily Check-in: Notify the user at a set time once a day to reflect on how they are feeling and on their thoughts.

2.0 Explore

Default homepage: search topics, filter by interest and read writings.

6.0 Profile

6.1 Writings

6.2 Insights

6.3 Analytics

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