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Jobs for Humanity

Building an online employment platform for underrepresented job seekers.


Brand Identity, Website Design, UX, Mobile



Jobs for Humanity is a non-profit organization that launched in early 2021. 

With a shared vision, we embarked on establishing this brand and platform, aiming to forge a fairer future in the workplace for all communities, including but not limited to the blind/low vision, neurodivergent, returning citizens, black communities, and single parents.

Launch Video in 2021

The Brand Identity

The logo concept is derived from placing the human face at the center, gazing into the future. From that center point, wings reach out like rays of sunshine representing freedom, growth(”spread your wings”), love and peace (the dove). 

The UX Challenge

How to bridge the gap between job seekers from underrepresented backgrounds and employers committed to fostering diversity and inclusion?

Our Approach

We broke it down into three personas: job seekers, employers and community organizations. From there, we explored the unique needs and challenges for each under the three pillars: job board, trainings and coaching, and give back.

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